Sunday, July 28, 2013


As this is my first post, I think it would make sense to introduce myself. My name is Eleanor, I'm an Irish girl who's French at heart living just outside of the Big Apple. I enjoy photography, fashion, travel, baking, writing, and as you may notice from the name of my blog, I love the color pink to the point where it may be unhealthy. And basically everything French. And Irish, too.
I hope that I can draw inspiration from and inspire others in the blogging-world with posts about things that make me happy--give me "joie" (joie means "joy" in French). I believe that happiness is a journey, but everyone's route and means of traveling the journey can be very different. For me, activities such as spending time with family and friends, putting outfits together, traveling, or doing almost anything creative bring me joy, so I try to do these things as often as possible, though life's responsibilities can (inevitably) get in the way sometimes. What brings you happiness?
~Donning my favorite shade on National Pink Day~